Beer is more helpful than Painkillers; proven

Beer is more helpful than Painkillers; proven

Here’s some good news for alcohol lovers especially the beer lovers.

Researchers have found that two drinks of alcohol are more effective than paracetamol.

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yes, you have heard right  A recent study has proven  that blood alcohol content of nearly .08 percent produced ‘a small elevation of pain’ and a ‘moderate to a significant reduction in pain intensity ratings’. The logic is simple and is laid on the fact that alcohol calms us down by lowering the sensation of the pain.

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“It can be compared to opioid drugs such as codeine, and the effect is more powerful than paracetamol & found strong evidence that alcohol is an effective painkiller.”

but we also recommend you not to drink too much by taking seriously a pinch out of the benefits but a little amount will be sufficient enough.

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For those who aim to lose weight, drinking de-alcoholised beer can be an excellent way to reduce the calorie intake.

Having a beer after working out, or strenuous activity in general, is a well known pleasure.

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go on pick up your brand and remember just to drink in your limits as recommended.

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(we are not promoting any type of drinking, Alcohol is injurious to health but if taken in a little amount it is beneficial too).




Things that really matters the most….😇

Things that really matters the most….😇

Relationships can be a very polarizing social institution for a lot of people. They have the power to serve as either the greatest or the worst experiences that people can face. There is no denying the value of having relationships in this world. No man is an island. People are always going to engage in relationships with other people if they want to survive. It’s a simple fact of life. These relationships could be familiar, friendly, professional, casual, or romantic. What this article aims to focus on is the romantic kind of relationship.

Romantic relationships, like any other relationship, can be very messy. But the reason why this kind of relationship manages to stand out is because of its complexity. It’s very hard for two people in the world to develop a kind of chemistry that is needed to sustain a romantic kind of relationship. Not only does the chemistry have to be perfect, but all the other conditions outside of the relationship have to be favorable to the union as well. A lot of couples will call it quits despite having genuine love for each other because of bad timing or other external factors.

It’s no secret that successful romantic relationships require a lot of work, commitment, and mutual respect between the people involved. A lot of people can have all the love in the world for each other, but if they are lazy and refuse to work on the relationship, the union is not going to survive at all. If you want to ensure the success of your relationship, then make sure that you pay attention to the details. Always be willing to put in the effort in your relationship and maintain the hope that things will turn out fine in the end.

10 Gadgets which are ahead of time;

Every time when a new Gadget is been launched that does not mean to be a commercially hit. Sometimes they came up with out of the box ideas but not everytime execution of the products is in favour. The world is not ready sometimes for those ahead of time gadgets.

​Although these 10 gadgets enjoyed various commercial success, they should be remembered for being ahead of their time.

Let’s take a look ;

1.Apple Newton –

An early device in the PDA category .It was the first to feature handwriting recognition.  Newton was considered technologically innovative at its debut, but its high price and early problems with its handwriting recognition limited its sales. Apple cancelled the platform at the direction of Steve Jobs in 1998.
2. Qualcomm PDQ 800 –

In 1998 Qualcomm introduced their model PDQ-800 cellular phone. An early so called “smart phone” , The PDQ-800 combined a cell phone with a personal digital assistant based on the interface used by Palm Pilots. 

The users simply flipped down the number pad and wrote Palm “Graffiti” characters with a stylus to interface with the unit.
3. Nokia N-Gage.

The N-Gage was more of a gaming console than a phone, whereas the iPhone concentrated on being a really good phone first and foremost and let developers worry about how to make games for it. The N-Gage was bulky, had a design only its mother could love and because of where the microphone was, you had to hold it sideways to speak into it. It may have been ahead of its time, but the execution was anything but fantastic.
4.HP MediaSmart Home Server.

The MediaSmart can expand quite a bit using new internal drives, but many folks will want to use the external ports.The idea of the home server was ahead of its time in anticipating the ability to stream media to devices throughout the house.

With streaming services now available for movies, music, photos, and more, the home server isn’t so media smart.

5.Sharp Actius RD3D Notebook.

Sharp used a screen technology that could show two images at the same time, one for each eye. Sit at just the right angle and you could see the effect.
Filmmakers are getting better about injecting 3D into movies without begin obnoxious. But back in 2004 you had to live with movies that still made a spectacle of objects bouncing toward the screen. 
6.Amstrad E3 E-m@iler.

.The E-m@iler is a device made by Amstrad, launched in 2000. It is essentially a telephone with an LCD screen and limited Internet dialup and email messaging capabilities.

Unluckily, internet use and email access were done through a premium rate phone line, so the costs soon hiked up. Adverts also appeared on screen, years before the internet was funded by advertising. All e-m@iler models have now been discontinued.

7.HP Jornada 720.

Jornada 720 gave road warriors a combination between a PDA and a mini laptop that they could take anywhere.

Pocket versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint were onboard for productivity, along with a keyboard three-quarters the size of a normal one.If there was one Handheld PC that truly impacted the market, it was the Jornada 720. 

The device is the right size and weight and has an excellent array of built-in applications as well as 3rd party applications available.this was before the Wi-Fi era — but overall, the 720 pointed the way toward today’s instant-on Ultrabooks.


Unfortunately for MSN TV, the merger of Web and TV which seemed unable to avoid at the dawn of the 2000s & didn’t pan out the way it was expected.This was before prevalent home broadband and Wi-Fi routers, so the first models connected over your home phone line. 
You could connect to the Web and check your email, browse news and sports scores, and even watch Web videos. While WebTV did not allow as much functionality as a computer based web browser, it was a low cost alternative to a traditional computer connection to the Internet.
9.Sony Glasstron.

We easily lose our bearings, and a few of us even get sick. Instead, designers have started experimenting with entertainment pods like the Steelcase Living on Video.

 One application of this technology was in the game MechWarrior 2, which permitted users to adopt a visual perspective from inside the cockpit of the craft, using their own eyes as visual and seeing the battlefield through their craft’s own cockpit.
There is still a strong sense of immersion, but the pod does not completely make obscure the outside world so our brains can take a break. 
10. Microsoft Zune.

Microsoft’s music player might have flopped, but it had one killer feature, the ability to share songs by tapping two Zunes together. However, the record labels didn’t like it, so added planned obsolescence to the mix: you could only play a shared song three times before it disappeared. Which ruined the point somewhat. Samsung brought the feature back for the Galaxy S3 six years later in 2012.

Some of them were also been used by you ,so let us know what you think about these gadgets.

Happy Lohri 2017

Happy Lohri 2017

 Mithaa gurh te vich mil geya til Udi patang te khil geya dil , Har pal sukh te har vele shanti paao Rabb agge dua tusi Lohri khushiyaan naal manaao! 

Happy Lohri!

All you need to know about Lohri ;

Introduction: Lohri is a Punjabi festival, celebrated primarily by people belonging to the Punjabi community.  The Sindhi people celebrate this festival as “Lal Loi”.

It is most popular festival in the state of Punjab in India. Besides India, it is celebrated world-wide by Punjabi people.

Significance: Lohri marks the end of the winter season. Therefore, it is a seasonal festival. It is also considered a harvest festival and it is an important day for the farmers.

Legend of Dulla Bhatti: People have also connected the Lohri festival with the folk legend of Dulla Bhatti. It is believed that Dulla Bhatti was a robber. But, he rescued and saved many girls from slave market.  So, the people sing songs to express their gratitude towards him. He is widely described in the folklore of Punjab. Many of the Lohri songs focus on the good deeds of Dulla Bhatti.

Celebration: Lohri Festival is usually celebrated on 13th day of January every year. It is usually celebrated on the day before the Makar Sankranti festival.
Lohri marks the end of winter season. People make every effort to take advantage of the last days of the winter season.It provides an opportunity to interact with friends and families

Kite Flying: People also fly kites on this day. Kite flying event is enjoyed by all ages.

Bonfire: Men and Women wear traditional clothes and dance around the bonfire. They also sing songs and mantras to please God.

Enjoy your day and don’t forget to put revari, popcorn and moongfali in the Lohri fire.It will definitely bring luck to you.

BCCI Launches New One-Day International Jersey 

BCCI Launches New One-Day International Jersey 

​BCCI today launched India’s brand ODI jersey on its official Twitter handle with a picture which showed the members of both men and women cricket teams posing in the uniform.

Indian cricket team will wear this jersey in the upcoming series against England. India is scheduled to play three ODIs followed by three T20Is in the series which is set to start on January 15.

Here’s the tweet by BCCI,

Let’s us know in the comments you liked the new Jersey or not.

Pokémon Go launched in India,know how to download….

Pokémon Go launched in India,know how to download….

Pokémon Go,An augmented reality based game which already been notorious among the gamers in this year and made the news for some unhappening life taking hazards among various parts of world.Now, it is launched in India;but the launch is not simple as Reliance gio has done partnership with the developers of Pokémon Go.Before that all of us were playing the game via unofficial or illegal sources,but now we can download it officially in India.

The partnership between the two companies means that thousands of Reliance Digital Stores and select other partner premises will turn into ‘PokèStops’ or ‘Gyms’, places where you’re likely to find most Pokèmon characters.

Users will find exclusive Pokèmon Go Channel in Reliance Jio’s social messaging app, JioChat. This will enabled them to socialize with other players and level-up faster, Reliance Jio said. “We are delighted to partner with Jio to launch Pokémon GO in India,” said John Hanke, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Niantic in a press statement. 

Indians can finally join the rest of the world in chasing Pokémons with their smartphones.The App having more than 500 million downloads will be available to download in the country from December 14 itself on iOS and Android platform. 

Here is a screenshot taken in India by an Android Device at 3:52pm(IST) 14th,Dec.

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In smartphones today, you will get hike Messenger for sure .As Hike messenger is the most favorite of the people in the last four years from today and 10 crore people are connected with this messenger.This Indian App is available on all iOS,Android,windows as well as on BlackBerry devices.

Hike messenger was launched on December 12,2012.The idea of the success of this Hike Messenger that can be imposed as nearly four thousand million messages in a month are delivered.

Youth’s favorite:

The most astounding thing is that,today all Youngsters are liking it the most.Figures which yielded yet shows 95% of the country’s young age which is less than thirty years are crazy for this Messenger.When talk about the other features of this messenger like stories,coupons,stickers,news,Games, live cricket and more keeps entertain the users.