10 Gadgets which are ahead of time;

Every time when a new Gadget is been launched that does not mean to be a commercially hit. Sometimes they came up with out of the box ideas but not everytime execution of the products is in favour. The world is not ready sometimes for those ahead of time gadgets.

​Although these 10 gadgets enjoyed various commercial success, they should be remembered for being ahead of their time.

Let’s take a look ;

1.Apple Newton –

An early device in the PDA category .It was the first to feature handwriting recognition.  Newton was considered technologically innovative at its debut, but its high price and early problems with its handwriting recognition limited its sales. Apple cancelled the platform at the direction of Steve Jobs in 1998.
2. Qualcomm PDQ 800 –

In 1998 Qualcomm introduced their model PDQ-800 cellular phone. An early so called “smart phone” , The PDQ-800 combined a cell phone with a personal digital assistant based on the interface used by Palm Pilots. 

The users simply flipped down the number pad and wrote Palm “Graffiti” characters with a stylus to interface with the unit.
3. Nokia N-Gage.

The N-Gage was more of a gaming console than a phone, whereas the iPhone concentrated on being a really good phone first and foremost and let developers worry about how to make games for it. The N-Gage was bulky, had a design only its mother could love and because of where the microphone was, you had to hold it sideways to speak into it. It may have been ahead of its time, but the execution was anything but fantastic.
4.HP MediaSmart Home Server.

The MediaSmart can expand quite a bit using new internal drives, but many folks will want to use the external ports.The idea of the home server was ahead of its time in anticipating the ability to stream media to devices throughout the house.

With streaming services now available for movies, music, photos, and more, the home server isn’t so media smart.

5.Sharp Actius RD3D Notebook.

Sharp used a screen technology that could show two images at the same time, one for each eye. Sit at just the right angle and you could see the effect.
Filmmakers are getting better about injecting 3D into movies without begin obnoxious. But back in 2004 you had to live with movies that still made a spectacle of objects bouncing toward the screen. 
6.Amstrad E3 E-m@iler.

.The E-m@iler is a device made by Amstrad, launched in 2000. It is essentially a telephone with an LCD screen and limited Internet dialup and email messaging capabilities.

Unluckily, internet use and email access were done through a premium rate phone line, so the costs soon hiked up. Adverts also appeared on screen, years before the internet was funded by advertising. All e-m@iler models have now been discontinued.

7.HP Jornada 720.

Jornada 720 gave road warriors a combination between a PDA and a mini laptop that they could take anywhere.

Pocket versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint were onboard for productivity, along with a keyboard three-quarters the size of a normal one.If there was one Handheld PC that truly impacted the market, it was the Jornada 720. 

The device is the right size and weight and has an excellent array of built-in applications as well as 3rd party applications available.this was before the Wi-Fi era — but overall, the 720 pointed the way toward today’s instant-on Ultrabooks.


Unfortunately for MSN TV, the merger of Web and TV which seemed unable to avoid at the dawn of the 2000s & didn’t pan out the way it was expected.This was before prevalent home broadband and Wi-Fi routers, so the first models connected over your home phone line. 
You could connect to the Web and check your email, browse news and sports scores, and even watch Web videos. While WebTV did not allow as much functionality as a computer based web browser, it was a low cost alternative to a traditional computer connection to the Internet.
9.Sony Glasstron.

We easily lose our bearings, and a few of us even get sick. Instead, designers have started experimenting with entertainment pods like the Steelcase Living on Video.

 One application of this technology was in the game MechWarrior 2, which permitted users to adopt a visual perspective from inside the cockpit of the craft, using their own eyes as visual and seeing the battlefield through their craft’s own cockpit.
There is still a strong sense of immersion, but the pod does not completely make obscure the outside world so our brains can take a break. 
10. Microsoft Zune.

Microsoft’s music player might have flopped, but it had one killer feature, the ability to share songs by tapping two Zunes together. However, the record labels didn’t like it, so added planned obsolescence to the mix: you could only play a shared song three times before it disappeared. Which ruined the point somewhat. Samsung brought the feature back for the Galaxy S3 six years later in 2012.

Some of them were also been used by you ,so let us know what you think about these gadgets.


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