Kingfisher’s owner Vijay Mallya’s twitter handle hacked on Friday morning and the hacker ‘Legion’ ,may be a group or a person is getting famous rapidly in the world of hackers.In the beginning of the month the hacker of the Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter handle is now becoming a threat to the active politicians and celebrities

‘Legion’is linked to which country is still not cleared but he is asking out people to support .It is a  DARKNET Email servicethat allows you to send and receive email without revealing your location or identity”. Sigaint claims to provide email IDs which are secure on TOR browser.

The website is hosted on “” but the service claims it does not host the Sigaint content.Sigaint also claims that emails created by the network can only be accessed by downloading TOR browser.
Still not known if “Legion” is inspired by LOD but it looks well versed with the dark world of web and is using whatever it can to launch cyber attacks anywhere in the world, including in India.

Also the ndtv journalists barkha Dutt and ravish Kumar were attacked by this group.


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