Supreme court ordered to play the National Anthem in the cinema halls of the country. SC said that National Anthem should be played before the movie starts and National flag ‘Tiranga’ should be displayed on the screen for those 60 seconds time period.

Supreme court stated that All citizens should respect the National Anthem and National Flag of India.SC also stated that All peoples should stand and pay the respect while the National Anthem is played in the cinema halls.Centre and all-state secretaries are going to publish court’s circular on print and electronic media as directed.

The Supreme Court said in his instructions that anthem should not be used for any commercial benefits.The Court also said that the national anthem cannot be printed on catastrophic things.The Supreme Court has these instructions after hearing a public interest litigation. The Supreme Court said the national anthem cannot be briefly played, only the full version of the national anthem will ring.

Here are some reactions from Bollywood industry:

Here’s what Paresh Rawal has said…

And look at what Actor Raza Murad has said…

Now it’s up to you ,how you react to the decision of SC ;let us know your views in the comments section below.


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