​The world’s largest social site Facebook is going to add a new feature soon. By this new feature you can determine where around your location free Wi-Fi hotspot is available.

This new feature is at its testing level. This feature will tell about the free Wi-Fi hotspot availability near by,with the help of the map. Facebook has this feature, now available only to a few mobile app users. The most important thing is that only iphone users are currently using it.

Facebook has this new feature replaced in its App menu.  In the new FB app a ‘Find Wi-Fi’ option will appear. Its will suggest user to select its location in the always mode on your mobile. Then this new feature will provide the information of free Wi-Fi hotspots available around you on the map.

With these features it will provide the instructions to user to reach the location. Many users already shared photos of this new feature of the Facebook app on Twitter.

According to a website recently,Facebook already started sending request to its users to list their Wi-Fi location on the physical location. ‘Find Wi-Fi’ the new tool located in the Facebook is invoked remembering the live feature of the App. So that the user can find good Internet speed during live streaming. At the moment, Facebook has not provided this new feature for Android users.


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