​The best and most beautiful things in the world Cannot be seen ,heard, or even touched, it must be felt with the heart.

When we come by wandering from anywhere and we are left only with the   memories. We remember those memories by the same travel dreams often are lost. Often have such memories are hazy over time. These memories are always fresh to maintain some measures , so whenever a new location to be the hang out place to remember that you remember what to do to make it come alive.

 Photo:-Maintain your visit forever memorable is the best measure of the photos. Wherever roam, of course your going to take the good camera or mobile camera. Photos of precious moments during the visit and later make a photo file of these photos. With these photos they add linked memories so that whenever you open it, get your memories are fresh. 

 Gift:-Remember that you are going to shopping. Plenty to hang out and your budget to see different places. Of course, there is no such thing that don’t get in your city, buy it to make your travel memorable. Donot forget to buy good handicraft that will hold your journey fresh after years.

Diary:- People fond of writing lots of good resources to keep diaries. Whenever you visit, take a diary with you. Beautiful moments of your trip of leisure time, date with that note in the diary. So when you will feel alone then by opening the diary old memories again will be refreshed.

Friends:- Wherever people hang out they do not introduce them . Making new friends is very good welcome. After such friends also make contact by phone, e-mail, social media,etc. On the anniversary of their wedding or birthday card and so on. A few moments on the go, nothing there are one or two moments are so special that memories from our eyes. They snap before our eyes all the time are coming. Remove the onion fritters with hot tea in the rain, spend your quality time with someone with an interesting scene to watch.


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