Selection is determined by ideas in life so they must be prosperous and optimistic .

If the editor received all compositions or content which is unusable & low level then there is no doubt that it may lead to the fall of papers or journals publishing and directly the readers will definitely switch to the other one. Magazines need to maintain high levels editor’s appropriate selection and combination of the full capacity of the compositions.

 The same situation is with our thoughts. How many thoughts arise in our minds all the time, so do not keep them all as it is impossible with them to have  ideas in life with excellence or beauty.

Condition of our life is determined by our thoughts,the way we tend to choose the type of ideas,as likely our destiny follows.

It is essential to choose the same type of ideas. We all are living a better life than must choose the best ideas.Our destiny is considered inferior to the regulator with the ideas possibly be the best in life.

Our thinking directly affects our circumstances. As we thought, they seem to consider the same type of atmosphere. If our thoughts are positive and optimistic then circumstances will be good for us and good conditions brings  prosperity,health and longevity in our lives.

Negative thoughts do the reverse. Negative thoughts create adverse conditions that harm not only our health but also our prosperity and good relations are omitted.

Our desires are the result of our thinking. Indeed, by our thinking, we build our own destiny. 

We invite good fortune by our positive thinking and misfortune by negative thinking as we are the regulator of our own destiny.


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