National Capital after the festival of lights turned in to a gas chamber.Air pollution is taking over delhitians life. Pollution level is at an all-time high in Delhi. 

This is certainly something to panic about as was evident with the massive protest held at Jantar Mantar earlier on Sunday.

 Reason behind –

crop stubble burning in neighbouring states as a major contributor to the smog, burning of trash and dry leaves, burning a lot of crackers.

What is Smog ?

A mixture of smoke and fog, drastically reduces visibility, especially in the morning.

Fresh Air with food in the menu ! 

Restaurants in Delhi are also serving fresh air to their customers. Randip Dhingra, owner of Twist, a restaurant in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon says ,”We are coming up with a creative to be displayed on our social media pages to promote the fact that one can breathe the fresh air here.

Cancelling the events –

The severity of air pollution and dense Smog cover in the capital led to the cancellation of the two Ranji Trophy encounters – ‘Bengal & Gujarat’ at ‘Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium’ & ‘Hyderabad vs Tripura’ at the ‘Karnail Singh Stadium’ on Sunday. The BCCI in a media release stated that both matches will be rescheduled.

“Emergency measures are the need of the hour,Instead of politicizing the pollution issue, we need to solve it together”, said Delhi Chief Minister.

Measures taken-

Delhi school and colleges will remain shut for 3 days, also there will be no construction work till next 5 day and the use of diesel-run generator sets demolished for 10 days in a desperate bid to control a crisis.

As a result demand of Air masks andrises in national capital.Three Sided coin is advising  you should stay at  home as much as you can and should try working from home till the situation comes under control and if roaming out then Mask is must.


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