Till When …..

Till When …..

​When everyone is celebrating Diwali peacefully among their loved ones,Our soldiers are taking care of us ,so that we are able to celebrate this festival of lights peacefully;

When everyone is celebrating the gift given by bleedblue in form of winning the series by 3-2 to its fans there will be a final of a hockey tournament between ‘indvspak’ ;

 When we are talking about triple talaqs across the nation ,there are numerous women crimes taking place in the country ; 

when we are talking about controlling weathers uncertainty ,we are giving back a lot of pollution in form of crackers on this festival, ;

When we talk about BoycottChineseProducts ,we are totally dressed up from head to toe by these items because we are not having options ;No, that’s not the answer but the answer is just keep calm and celebrate the festive season with a flavoured taste of online sale and some retail shopping also some  perfume in form of crackers is sprayed;

When there is a clash between two films on the box office and you opt for one or may be both, there are numerous people still tend to survive in fear and darkness on this festival of lights ; 

When ministers  are wooing voters for the upcoming elections in some states , there are a huge amount of brokers of these politicians are spreading hatred feelings.

Every day we say to ourselves one day I Will earn a big amount of money ,but no one says I will earn a huge amount of humanity ; thats all about earning who cares about the National game ,nation’s culture, nation’s Army mens Nothing to mind about , enjoy the festival of lights and be safe & wealthier than  previously you were …


Wish you all a very Happy Diwali 

*the blog written is not for hurting anyone’s sentiment, here blogger is expressing his own views if you are having any complaint/query let us know below in comments section*